Halloween special: Students’ nightmare

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Vicious cycle of unpaid internships and unpaid bills.

Many students carry big dreams in their eyes, and heavy loans on their shoulders as they make their way into colleges and universities. Slowly, as they gain awareness regarding the importance of securing internships at prestigious organizations to boost their resumes, they also realise the reality of rolling bills to be paid.

Therefore, the two aspects of this vicious cycle: the piling up of unpaid bills and the increasing pressure of interning at prestigious companies, for free, to boost your resume.

The unpaid internships that are considered crucial experiences by several employers often discriminate against students who need the finances to continue with their higher education. If placed on a balance, unpaid yet well-renowned internships and jobs that pay the bills, students are likely to weigh the latter. This predicament not only puts pressure on the students but also heightens the existing disparity between the privileged few and underprivileged many as they proceed towards future employment. Several reports suggest BAME or minority groups are most obstructed as they are unable to afford unpaid internships due to them historically being disadvantaged in many communities. While internships cannot solely correct the disparity between different groups, they can act as a pathway for students from all backgrounds to experience a rewarding university journey without needing to worry about the vicious cycle of unpaid internships and unpaid bills.

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