Celebration post: International Men's Day

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Let me begin by saying that International Men's Day is one that many of us may not know about or question the importance off. It is often said that 'Ignorance is bliss' however, in this case, it is crucial to educate ourselves about the importance of this day.

International Men's Day is commemorated across the globe on the 19th of November, celebrating significant contributions made by the male population to our society and widen awareness regarding issues that they may face in today's world. This day presents an opportunity to highlight issues in relation to toxic masculinity, and fragile masculinity which pose a challenge to the health and development of boys and men. In today's time, more and more people are acknowledging the need to discuss mental health and emotions with individuals, regardless of their gender and create a safe space for the male population to express their feelings. Further, what is referred to as ''non-traditional' for men or young boys is now being challenged, whether it be clothing or profession.

In addition to raising awareness about the issues faced by male population, the main objectives of International Men's Day also include improving gender relations, and promoting gender equality. It is crucial we do not limit ourselves to just one day, and continue to educate and support aims and objectives of International Men's Day throughout the year. Having said that, A very Happy International Men's Day to all the young boys and men out there.

On a more personal note, one of my male role models is Arunachalam Muruganantham. If you have not heard of him, it's alright. This is your chance to watch a great movie, PadMan.

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