The "Oh! So smooth" transition from student to employee

Audio recording of the written text.

One breezy morning, as the sun rose and birds started chirping, I - a recently graduated Politics student- started panicking about finding a JOB! My beautiful sunny morning turned into a dreadful excerpt from a long nasty story that began with my search for a job under the pandemic restrictions.

I had worked hard and long to build a good CV, did multiple practice interviews, and in addition to my degree, I focused on building necessary soft skills. This was done over a 5-year-period, from my high-school to university. I had planned and organized everything. I had ticked every box in the list provided by different companies and yet I found myself to be lost. So the journey that was suppose to be smooth-sailing turned out to be hectic, and well, slightly alarming.

I applied for jobs, internships and enrolled in several online courses. Reached out to my connections on LinkedIn, called friends and bothered my mentor continuously. What I got from all of this was this-

While we may be able to plan our life, social and professional, it is not necessarily that it will turn out to be that way! We can build our skills, get high grades and balance multiple internships, but when it comes to choosing a career and finding a suitable job out in the world, it is not as straight-forward.

While the transition from student to employee was even more stressful under the current circumstances, it has taught me a lot. It has taught me to be resilient, patient and confident in my abilities. So if you are struggling to make this transformation, trust me when I say this, you are not alone. Reach out to other students, learn about their experiences and pave your own path!

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