Who, What, When, Where and Why?

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The five Ws are questions whose answers inform the basics of a matter or assist in problem solving. In this case, three of the five questions will guide this post into informing who I am, what my motivations are, and why did I choose to begin writing?

Who am I?

To begin with, my name is Taapsi Kohli and I am a recent graduate from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Currently, I am at a stage where I am truly exploring different grounds and issues such as Casteism in India, rising populist parties across the globe and the true meaning of feminism. Despite living in what many people refer to as a ‘grey’ world, there are certain things that are just wrong and I hope to learn and educate myself enough on these subjects to not only formulate my own beliefs but also defend them on a strong ground.

What motivates me?

My family, and my community. Knowing I have my family’s support pushes me to further chase after my goals and dreams. Understanding or attempting to better understand my community allows me to shape my ideas to better the society for others as well.

Why did I choose to begin writing?

In all honesty, I took it up as a challenge. Writing is a new challenge for me, but I have ideas I wish to explore, communicate, and discuss with my fellow humans. The question regarding ‘student voice’ often came up in surveys I filled out at university, and I always wondered what that really mean. To have a voice? I could not come up with a substantive answer but as I continue on this journey, I hope to explore the theme of ‘voice’ as well.

Searching for my voice!