I am no Superhuman! Are you?

Recorded audio for written text.

Unlike She-Hulk, I do not have the strength to lift cars.
Unlike Black Widow, I am trained in nothing but Bollywood dance.
Unlike Tony Stark, I do not have an iron suit or the money to build one!

What sets superheros apart from the so-called villains is their motivations to use their power. They want to do good for the society. Now, as said before, I am no superhero but I really do have the will and determination to serve the society. The conundrum though is that whatever I may do, take care of my street pups, feed the homeless or donate to different causes, it never feels enough. There is always a part of me that struggles and feels helpless when I am unable to complete a certain task like saving a street pup or having food for everyone who approaches me!

What do I do then? Be more practical perhaps? Or work hard until I have reached all my set goals? As my mind juggled with all these thoughts, a close friend of mine explained to me:

"You alone cannot save the world. You cannot bear the burden of everything that you feel is incorrect and unjust. Even the world's largest humanitarian organization, the IFRC can only do so much! Even if you take care of one puppy or are able to feed 10 people, know you have made a difference. Take a minute and observe the outcome of your act. Breathe it in."

These words may not have benefited me greatly, however, I chose to give it a shot and it changed my entire perspective.

As I handed over the cash for the pair of socks I bought from an elderly person on the streets, I looked up as he kissed the money and said with a beaming smile,

"This is my first earning of the day and now I do not have to worry about my family having to go hungry for at least today."

While his words brought tears to my eyes, his smile gave me hope and faith in my actions. So now every time I hope to do something good, I take a minute and be grateful that I had the chance to help someone.

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there doing amazing work with the environment, feeding the homeless, giving shelter to stray animals and what not! Kudos to all of them! Each and every one of you amazing people deserve to feel proud of your work, even if you believe it is just a 'human thing' to do! Please know even the smallest action can have a great impact.

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